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Super Vitamin C Serum 25ml

Super Vitamin C Serum 25ml

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  • An antioxidant serum that targets pigmentation
  • Olive Squalane mimics the oil in younger skin
  • Oil-soluble Vitamin C easily absorbs into the skin.
  • Natural Vitamin E is highly bioavailable

Formerly known as: Super Vitamin C Serum

This serum is based around an oil-soluble form of Vitamin C called "Abscobyl Tetraisopalmitate" or VCIP. Most forms of Vitamin C are water-soluble. Because the skin is protected by a layer of oil, this means that water-soluble Vitamin C does not penetrate well. However, our Vitamin C dissolves in oil and so can be absorbed deeper into the skin.

VCIP at this concentration is especially good for pigmentation and sun damage. For this reason, we recommend it pigmentation around the eye area or other areas of the face where pigmentation is a problem.

VCIP is a very expensive ingredient. We have done our best to keep this serum as affordable as possible. After comparing other serums with a similar amount of VCIP, we think you will be happy you found us.


Before applying a moisturiser of your choice and before your makeup if you’re wearing some, gently massage or tap a small amount of Super Vitamin C Eye Serum on and around areas of pigmentation or sun damage. .Allow to soak in for as long as possible, but at least a few minutes, and then apply moisturiser if needed.