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Bioband BLUE inc FREE smartD

Bioband BLUE inc FREE smartD

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Each pack contains one bioDOT to wear and one smartDOT which we recommend you stick on your mobile phone.

Over the last 15 years we have accumulated testimonials from customers who have experienced the following:

  • improved daily performance
  • higher energy levels
  • deeper sleep
  • fewer headaches
  • greater concentration
  • relief from tension
  • less stress

BioDOT is programmed with frequencies which optimise your energy field.  It retunes and revives your energy field.

SmartDOT is designed to be placed on digital devices such as mobiles, computers and wi-Fi routers.   It is programmed with frequencies which transform the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by those devices.  This retuning means that your energy levels and physical wellbeing are supported when using a device.

All energydots are powered by Passive Micro Vibrational Technology. The magnetic structure of the DOT has been programmed with a mix of natural frequencies and the storage capacity of the magnet means that the DOT passively emits these frequencies.

They are suitable for adults, including pregnant women, and children.

Be creative, wear a bioDOT every day and feel the difference. bioDOT is available as a 21mm sticker.  Simply attach to your favourite pendant, carry it in your wallet or stick it on the back of your watch.  We also have three ready to wear options; bioband, biotag and bioclip.

SmartDOT is a 34mm DOT.  If this is your first smartDOT we recommend you stick it on to your mobile phone. Using smartDOT and bioDOT is a truly cost effective way to beat the 'energy blues', boost performance and get the most out of your day.